Shorthand Aerobics Log

An aerobics training log allows for optimal progress. See Adaptation Criteria. The shorthand method of recording aerobic training progress can save much time in writing. The traditional system calls for the intensity and duration performed to be recorded under a date column for every workout. The shorthand method requires an initial duration and intensity to be recorded for the activity. A new duration or intensity is recorded periodically only when changed. Columns represent intensity or duration increases; not dates.

Example of aerobic exercise log using shorthand method
A) Cycling Watts 75 100          
RPM 60 70 80 60 70    
Minutes 15 20 25 30      
C) Walking Miles 1 1.25 1.5 1.75 2 2.25  
Minutes 20 25  30 35      

Note: MPH (Km/Hr) can be used in place of minutes if more appropriate.

If a record of dates is desired, record aerobics progress using the traditional method.

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