Lower Back Exercises, Recuperation & Program Design

When designing a split program, adequate recuperation of the lower back (Erector Spinae muscles and the joints of the thoracic & lumbar spine) must be considered. As with all muscles and joints exercised with moderate to heavy weight, it is necessary to allow the lower back to recuperate at least 48 hours before involving it in another exercise; directly (as a target muscle) or indirectly (as a synergistic or stabilizer muscle). For this reason, use complimentary pairing of exercises within a program:

Examples of complimentary pairing of exercises
Month Quadriceps & Gluteus Maximus Hamstrings  Back
A Squat (Lower Back) Lying Leg Curl Dumbbell Bent-over Row
B Leg Press Straight Leg Deadlift (Lower Back) Lever Seated Row
C Sled Hack Squat Seated Leg Curl Cable Seated Row (Lower Back)

To minimize the number of exercises in a workout the Erector Spinae can be can be exercised along with other muscles:

Isotonically Isometrically
Gluteus Maximus 
Back, General

See other Erector Spinae exercises.

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