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A high fat meal may lead to over-consumption of calories, particularly when hunger is high (light lunch). This over-consumption is not compensated for by reduced intake of calories later. Possible interpretation: If you had a light meal, your next meal should be low in fat. A full meal should preceed a high fat ad lib meal. Dinner (ad lib)

High Carb

(64% Carb, <25% Fat)

High Fat

(65% Fat)



~15.4% Prot
~50.5% Carb
~34.1% Fat
Low (527) Calorie 681 kcal 1470 kcal 1026 kcal
High (985) Calorie 672 kcal 1202 kcal 937 kcal

677 kcal

(432.1 gm of food)

1336 kcal

(438.1 gm of food)


Lawton CL, Burley VJ, Wales JK, Blundell JE, (1993) Dietary fat and appetite control in obese subjects: weak effects on satiation and satiety. International Journal of Obesity, 17, 409-416.

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