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Larynx or vocal cords must be closed to lift heavy objects, defecate, or give birth.

Diver's First Movement

Raising the big toe is the first movement of a diver.

Active Insufficiency

On certain weight training exercises, we can see examples of the body automatically attempting to overcome active insufficiency, particularly during near maximal efforts.

Lever Lying Leg Curl

Passive Insufficiency

On other exercises we can see examples of the body automatically attempting to compensate for passive insufficiency, more likely during near maximal efforts.

  • Seated Leg Curl
    • Near the top, or beginning of exercise
    • Posterior tilt of pelvis
      • Compensates for Hamstrings being stretched across knee and hip simultaneously
    • Ankle moving away from complete dorsalflexion
      • Compensates for Gastrocnemius being stretched across both knee and ankle
    • Also see Knee Flexion Force Vector Diagram
  • Barbell Triceps Extension
    • Near bottom of exercise
    • Shoulder may slightly drift away from complete flexion / abduction
      • Elbows drift slightly outward and forward
      • Spine may hyperextend to further remove shoulder from complete shoulder complete flexion
      • Compensates for long head of triceps being stretched across both shoulder and elbow

Lever Seated Leg Curl Barbell Triceps Extension Rectus Femoris in passive insufficiency

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