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Olympic Weightlifting

  • US Weightlifting: Olympic style weightlifting
  • Cable Bar Guy: the late John Victor (JV) Askem's (Olympic style weightlifting coach) personal web site.
  • Go Heavy: powerlifting & Olympic Weightlifting news, forums, training routines, articles, competition and meet database.
  • Mike's Gym: Regional Training Center for USA Weightlifting.




  • Pose Running: Is it Appropriate for Sprinting? Can we become faster sprinters with the proper coaching and training?
  • Runner Triathlete News: publication for runners, triathletes, and cyclists throughout the Southwestern USA.
  • Joints in Motion: let the Arthritis Foundation train you for a marathon run or walk, travel to exotic locations, and raise funds to help prevent control, and cure arthritis.



Sports Conditioning

Sport Psychology & Sociology

  • AAASP: Association for the Advancement of Applied Sport Psychology
  • Social Psychology Reviews: Hawthorne effect, Rosenthal's Pygmalion effect of expectancy advantage, Placebos, Reasearch Methods, etc.
  • Mind Tools: sport psychology outline
  • Flow: includes Mental States Diagram which plots challenge vs skill level

Psychology & Sociology

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