Ben Moore

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Ben MooreBen Moore
USPA Elite Powerlifter
Consultation Fee: $85

Coach Ben MooreBen Moore competes regionally and nationally as an elite level Powerlifter. He has been competing in strength sports for 20 years in Strongman and Powerlifting. Ben's goal for next year is a 2100+ total. Ben resides in Kansas City with his wife and 3 girls who are active in competitive gymnastics. He enjoys helping other aspiring powerlifters as well as those simply wishing to optimize their strength training program.

Coach Moore is available for customized program development or consultation via Skype or Google+. By purchasing these services, client agrees to all Terms of Service.


5 Session Package

Purchase 5 sessions for $340 and save 20% ($68/session). Sessions can be used for either online consultation sessions (up to one hour) or customized program designs (1 month program). New clients will need to schedule an initial consultation so their customized program can be designed accordingly, resulting in a minimum of 2 sessions. Other sessions can be used for online trainings, additional consultations, or program design for subsequent months.

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