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ExRx.net Author and President

James Griffing, MS, BS

James earned both a bachelor's and master's degree from Kansas State University. After 10 years of training, James won the "1990 Mr. Kansas" title and competed in the 1990 NPC Men's National Bodybuilding Championships. He has over 30 years experience in the field of exercise & fitness; as a former fitness director, university practicum instructor, strength coach, and trainer. [Vita]

James developed the first prototype of the exercise database for his Masters report at KSU. Sometime afterwards, two potential investors offered James financial backing for the development and marketing of a CD-ROM version. These offers were turned down. James wanted his information to be available for everyone with an interest in exercise. A few years later, he converted his exercise database program to the web after receiving a grant from Dr. Eric Serrano. His motivation came from his interest in exercise and enjoyment in sharing his knowledge with others. James had spent several years developing ExRx.net as a philanthropy. Currently, the ExRx.net Store and advertisements provide income for the maintenance of ExRx.net and offers a rationale for continued work on ExRx.net. James converted components of his fitness analysis software (FitTrek) and has added other online fitness calculators to the site. The revised exercise database continues to be a feature component of ExRx.net.

Medical Advisor

Eric Serrano, MD

Dr. Eric Serrano is a physician in Pickerington, Ohio. He earned degrees at Kansas State University and Kansas University. Dr. Serrano's areas of expertise include sports medicine, weight loss, nutritional supplements, and strength and conditioning. Eric's clients include of a wide array of athletes from the NFL, NHL, and MLB, in addition to many elite amateur athletes. Dr. Serrano was professor of family practice medicine at the Ohio State University. He now consults and lectures at conferences worldwide. Dr. Serrano is the leading benefactor and medical advisor of ExRx.net. Listen to his audio interview.

Dr Serrano is also available for Skype Consultation.

Olympic-style Weightlifting Author

Lon Kilgore, PhD

Before working at the University of West Scotland, Dr. Lon Kilgore was associate professor of kinesiology at Midwestern State University (USA) where he taught exercise physiology and anatomy. He also held a senior faculty appointment in Exercise Science at Warnborough University (UK). He is author of two textbooks, several books, and numerous research articles on the biology of exercise. A nationally ranked weightlifter from age 13, he has extensive practical experience as an NCAA strength coach, and as coach of international caliber competitive weightlifters. He has been a member or Chair of the Sports Science Committee for USA Weightlifting since 1999, a researcher on the USOC Weightlifting Performance Enhancement Team project, and is a member of the Board of Certification for the American Society of Exercise Physiologists. Vistit Dr Kilgore's site at LonKilgore.com

Ultra Race-Paced Swimming Author

Brent Rushall, PhD, RPsy

Dr Rushall has consulted many international sports teams and organizations, primarily in the area of performance enhancement. His articles, manuals, and assessment tools have been translated into several languages and used by many elite athletes around the world.

Brent Rushall race-pace training methodologies are used by Coach Peter Andrew to train National Age Group Record holder, and the youngest pro swimmer in U.S. history, Michael Andrew. Rushall has challenged traditional sport's training methodologies which have focused on high volume training and other questionable practices. Also see his online slide presentation, The Future of Swimming "Myths & Science".

Antioxidants Author

Bryan Helwig, PhD

Dr. Helwig works at Kansas State University in the Department of Anatomy and Physiology. Bryan currently teaches cellular metabolism to first year veterinary students and investigates neural - immune interactions, free radicals and their effect on sympathic nerve discharge. During Bryan's undergraduate studies, he was a 5 time letter winner in track and field. He completed a four-month internship at the fitness center located within the Motorola World Headquarters in Schaumburg, Illinois. Helwig later completed his Master's degree in Human Nutrition, with an emphasis on sports nutrition / nutrition and exercise. As a graduate teaching assistant, he instructed Physiology of Exercise classes, performed laboratory experiments, and served as academic advisor for students pursuing a Bachelors degree in nutrition and exercise. Bryan earned his Ph.D. at Kansas State University studying both cell biology and role exercise plays in prevention and recovery of heart failure. Bryan is a member of the American Physiological Society and the American Society for Cell Biology. E-mail: bhelwig@vet.ksu.edu

Nutritional Supplements Authors

Joel Seedman, MS, CSCS
Joshua Seedman, MS, CSCS

The Seedman brothers (Joel and Joshua) are the founders of Advanced Human Performance, an elite performance, training, athletic enhancement, nutrition, sport supplement, and fitness based company. Both Joel and Joshua Seedman have their Master's degree in Kinesiology from Indiana University as well as many certifications such as NSCA "CSCS", ACSM "HFI", USAW Coach, NASM "CPT", NFPT "Master Trainer", ISSA "Specialist in Performance Nutrition", and many others. The Seedman brothers prides themselves in discovering and researching groundbreaking scientific techniques in the field of human performance and applying them to the practical setting. Through years of research and experience, they present some of the most effective and efficient methods of training and nutrition to the field of kinesiology. For more information about the Seedman brothers and their company, please visit AdvancedHumanPerformance.com and AHPNutrition.com.

Runner's Edge Author

Eladio Valdez III

Eladio Valdez has served as a high school cross country and track coach, motivational speaker, and teacher. As a running coach and director of The Runner's Edge program, he has helped thousands of runners and walkers successfully complete their goals. During his 25 years as a runner, he has completed over 12 marathons, including the 100th Boston Marathon. Eladio earned his Bachelor's Degrees in Exercise Science and Health Education at the University of Kansas. E-mail: runnersedge@everestkc.net

Performance Counselor

Marv Fremerman

Marv Fremerman specializes in motivational psychology and the building of self-esteem through a unique program that combines the fields of sports psychology and clinical psychology. He Conducts Self-Esteem Building Workshops and Positive Visualization Seminars. For thirty years, Mr Fremerman was chairman of a marketing company that did national and regional campaigns for famous name clients. Based on three decades of practical experience in human motivation supplemented by research and coursework, in 1987 he began conducting Self-Esteem Workshops and Positive Visualization Seminars that focused on the building of self-esteem, team bonding, and how to overcome self-limiting beliefs. Participants have included amateur and professional boxers, including a World Heavyweight Champion, track and field athletes including a women’s gold medalist sprinter in the 1996 Olympics, an NFL Super Bowl Championship Team (Rookies), NCAA Division I basketball teams, professional golfers, Ladies Division I volleyball and softball teams, and a Men’s Division I baseball team. His audio and workbook package, The Dynamics of High Self-Esteem: A Guide to Personal and Professional Growth was sold nationally by Nightingale-Conant, a marketer of self-help recordings, and SkillPath, Inc., a workshop seminar firm. Marv Fremerman is the author of numberous books, including Gaining The Mental Edge in Sports, Gaining The Mental Edge in Soccer, Getting Well, Staying Well, Mind Over Sports, The Relationship of Self-Esteem to Athletic Performance, Psycho Self-Imagery & Sports, The psi Factor, and The Bass Pro Shops Hunting and Fishing Directory. See Marv's podcast interverview and acknowledgments for athletes and teams that have benefited from his counsel. He is married and has three grown children. Marv's website is MindOverSports.com

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