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Medicine Ball Chest Throw (rebounder)



Stand facing facing medicine ball rebounder with one foot forward. Hold medicine ball with both hands against chest. Bend just enough so ball can be efficiently caught and immediately thrown.


Throw medicine ball near center of rebounder by forcefully extending both arms forward. Catch rebounded ball in front of chest with both hands, recoils ball toward chest, and immediately throw ball to rebounder in same manner. Repeat.


Angle of which one bends over will be dependent upon trajectory of ball, which is affected by various factors, including force of throw, weight of ball, tension and angle of rebounder, distance from rebounder, and angle of throw. Start slow, gradually increasing speed throughout set. Perform prescribed repetitions or for time.


 Utility: Plyometric
 Mechanics: Compound
 Force: Push

Force (Articulation)



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