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Plank Shuffle (on medicine ball)



Kneel before medicine ball. Place left hand on top of ball and right hand on floor, slightly wider than shoulder width away. Position upper body above both hands with right arm straight and left arm bent with hand on ball. Straighten body and place forefeet back away from ball on floor, shoulder width apart.


Push upper body up onto ball so right hands is placed on top side of ball next to left hand. Immediately place left hand onto floor slightly wider than shoulder width away. Immediately shift upper body to original side with the opposite movement. Repeat by alternating sides.


Start slow, gradually increasing speed throughout set. Keep body straight throughout movement.


Perform at moderate pace until familiar with movement. Balance can be made less challenging by placing feet further apart. Conditioning movements like Push-ups can be used to condition body for this movement and more advanced plyo movements.


Execute movement at fast pace. Elevate feet for greater intensity or to vary angle of exercise. Balance can be made more challenging by placing feet closer together. Also consider more advanced plyo push-up movements.


 Utility: Plyometric
 Mechanics: Compound
 Force: Push

Force (Articulation)



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