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What is is a resource for Exercise Professionals and Fitness Enthusiasts.

Why is there a charge on My Credit Card?

You or someone you may have authorized has purchased a book, video, or software package from the Store. We get calls periodically from customers not remembering they ordered from us, but after we review their order with them they suddenly remember their order or realize a spouse or employee ordered the item on their behalf. Before conctign us, please make sure you done the following:


Many customers who do not initially recognize a charge on their credit card often remember ordering after visiting our site. Keep in mind many visitors stumble upon our site from searches or links to other parts of our site other than our main pages so please look around a bit before inquiring about your charge.

Ask Employees

Often business owners or managers ask their staff to make purchases on their behalf. Then they see the charge of their card and have no idea why we charged them. Please ask your employees to if they made a recent purchase on

Ask Family Members

If you have a family member who is an exercise professional or exercise enthusiast, you have your answer why your card was charged. We appreciate you not involve us in your domestistic desputes :-)

But I Placed my order through a Different Company...

Many of our orders are dropped shipped directly from the publisher. When some of our customers recieve thier order directly from one of our publisher, they sometimes forget exactly from which website they ordered the item. They often assume that they must have ordered it directly through the publisher since that is from whom they recieved it. Their memory sometimes begins to fade since the time they first placed their order. Weeks later when they finally recieve their credit card statement or review thier bank transactions, they see but after so much time, they no longer recognize us as the company that they placed their order. Memory can be a funny thing...

No one Answers Phone

If you called 913-829-5029 no one will likely answer the phone because this number is no longer used. That was the phone number we started with near the turn of the Millinium. Since we had changed our phone number and informed the bank that manages our merchant account over ten years ago! Unfortunately many banking institutions don't update thier databases with the latest contact information provided by merchants. Even over a decade later our old number is still associated with our merchant identification. Please contact us using our current contact information if the above suggestions do not work for you.