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BSDI's Check-In (Version 10) system will monitor participants as they arrive at your facility and produce a wide array of reports to help you manage the facility and encourage attendance. It offers photo IDs using any digital camera, expiration warnings, and waiting messages for your participants when they check in. The software can work with our own check-in scanner and most other ID scanners on the market.

Sample Reports


While covering all of the classic check-in features, our system also features a broad range of attendance management reports to help you understand your facility:

  • Gross attendance
  • Attendance by group
  • Attendance by new versus established members
  • Expired memberships
  • Memberships expiring soon
  • Participants with low attendance
  • Missing in action

Check-In is also unique in having a truly inviting, attractive screen design that will speak volumes about the quality and sophistication of your facility (shown below in a reduced size version). Note that the services list is configurable and will even show classes at your facility only when they are about to start.

A Personal Touch

Staying in touch with your members - their interests, goals and needs - is the very cornerstone of intelligent client service. With hundreds of members, however, it can be very difficult for your staff to remember each one.

BSDI's Check-In station features a unique "recent check-in" list, available only to staff members, that shows each recent check-in together with information about the member's goals, interests and todays activities. Emergency contact information is also just a click away. The idea is to ensure that your staff members have a simple way to refresh their memory about each member so they have a pretext for connecting with them, helping them, and earning their commitment to your facility.

Optional Add-Ons

 Enterprise Edition
5000 Client Database
Standard Edition
2000 Client Database
Studio Edition
100 Client Database
Check-In Software $1199 [CIEE] $899 [CISE] $299 [CIPTE]
 Local Area Network License
(per each additional workstation at single facility)
Contact us for details Contact us for details Contact us for details
 Additional Options
Wide Area Network License
(Share BSDI software with addtional facilities)
Contact us for details
Wide Area Network License
(Share BSDI software with addtional facilities)
Contact us for details
 100 Extra Clients in Database
(maximum 300 total)
$200 [CIPT100]
 1 Year Technical Contract (per facility)
Contact us for instructions
 15% of Total / $300 min. 15% of Total / $300 min.  15% of Total / $150 min.

Software comes with 30 days of free technical support. Also see optional companion software: Fitness Analyst

BSDI and Fitness Analyst are Registered trademarks of Brittingham Software Design, Inc. BSDI Check-In is the trademark of Brittingham Software Design, Inc.


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