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A Recipe Printout   Graph Any Variable
Fold on the dotted line and you have a standard 4 x 6 recipe card. (To create recipes, use the Recipe Box. It will also let you e-mail your creations.)   Your Home Screen can also chart your intake of any nutrient (cholesterol or fat, for example), or any custom variable that you set up yourself. You can even smooth your data to distinguish long-term trends from day-to-day fluctuations.


Modifying the Dictionary

Food for Thought
The Dictionary Abridger lets you decide which food sets will appear in your Food Dictionary.   Each time you log on, you get inspiration or instruction that fits your current situation.


The Exercise Log

Your Nutrient History (Table View)
Your workout log behaves like the Food Log, except that it also offers this calculator for activities whose "burn rates" depend on speed.   This shows your balance of 33 nutrients for the past day, week, month, quarter, and year. It's updated every time you log a food. It also tells you the easiest ways to improve your Nutrition Quotient.


Your Body History

 Your Nutrient History (Bar Chart)
Instead of our logo, your Home Screen can display a history of your weight or some other value. Here, your actual, target, and projected weights are shown in red, blue, and green.   Click the drop list at upper left to switch to a color-coded bar chart. Red means you got too little of a good nutrient or too much of a bad one; blue, the opposite; and yellow, "caution."


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