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Are You Drinking Enough Water?

Setting Your Daily Allowances
Most people don't. Use the WaterMinder™ to get an alert whenever your intake falls behind schedule.   DietPower starts you off with standard allowances -- but if you want to change your intake of a major nutrient, you can do it with these colored slider bars. You can also revise other nutrients by typing new figures over the old.


Calendar and Notepad

If You Need a Calculator...
Use this to keep a diary or schedule appointments. It also lets you return to your logs for any day in the past and make corrections. The changes immediately cascade to today's calorie budget and nutrient charts.   Your Home Screen can also chart your intake of any nutrient (cholesterol or fat, for example), or any custom variable that you set up yourself. You can even smooth your data to distinguish long-term trends from day-to-day fluctuations.


Your Diet History

Two Megabytes of Help
This is a complete record of every diet you've been on since you joined DietPower. Among other things, it shows how your metabolic rate fluctuates over time.   DietPower's Help system offers 100,000 words (the length of a novel) on hundreds of topics, from Alcohol to Zinc. It's one of the world's easiest to read and understand. And you don't have to search it interminably -- most topics are linked directly to the screen where they're needed.


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