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Aquatic Fitness Professional ManualAquatic Exercise Association
6th Edition
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408 pages

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This book is the definitive resource for individuals preparing for the AEA Aquatic Fitness Professional certification exam.

With new and expanded information, extensive updates, and the most current research and best practices, Aquatic Fitness Professional Manual, Sixth Edition, is sure to make waves by helping you design engaging programs to bring the benefits of aquatic fitness to a wide range of people.

This all-in-one aquatic fitness reference is the definitive resource for those preparing for the AEA Aquatic Fitness Professional certification exam. Reorganized for easier study and exam preparation, the sixth edition contains essential foundational information such as the components of physical fitness, group fitness teaching techniques, and AEA Standards and Guidelines. Special learning features, including key concepts, chapter summaries, and review questions with answers, will help you learn and retain vital safety information, current research on aquatic-related exercise science, program design concepts, and updated guidelines on nutrition and weight management.

You will also find new recommendations on warm-ups and cool-downs, shallow-water exercise, and aquatic fitness alternative training for better health. Expanded information on equipment and effective use of equipment keeps you and your clients focused on safety. Learn new cueing techniques and deck-teaching skills to enhance your group fitness leadership, and get the latest information to assist you in presenting a professional appearance and demeanor.

About the AEA

The Aquatic Exercise Association (AEA) is a not-for-profit educational organization committed to the advancement of aquatic fitness worldwide.

AEA is committed to increasing awareness, education, and networking opportunities to benefit professionals as well as the general public. With AEA, achieving healthy lifestyles through aquatic fitness is a global team effort. AEA embraces cultural diversity in the industry to ensure that individuals worldwide can enjoy and employ the benefits of aquatic fitness programs regardless of age, ability, goals, or interests.

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A reference for AEA members and AEA certified professionals, aquatic instructors, coaches, fitness instructors, personal trainers, and athletic trainers. Also a resource for individuals preparing for the AEA Aquatic Fitness Professional Certification exam.

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