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Back Stability: Integrating Science and TherapyChristopher Norris
2nd Edition
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360 pages

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Back Stability: Integrating Science and Therapy, Second Edition, is designed to help practitioners recognize and manage back conditions using proven clinical approaches to stabilize the spine. More than just another sequence of back exercises, this text provides a theoretical foundation that will guide you in selecting the most effective exercises for each client and integrating them into a complete program to offer the best possible care in back health.

A focus on evidence-based practice pervades Back Stability to address one of the most common maladies of modern living: back pain. This text combines research from around the world in the areas of anatomy, physiology, pathology, biomechanics, exercise physiology, and motor skill training with the practical knowledge of author Christopher Norris, a physiotherapist, exercise professional, and teacher for more than 30 years. With his expertise, you will gain the practical knowledge to help you recognize and assess inappropriate movement patterns—whether caused by injury or simple day-to-day activity—and use a process of clinical decision making to determine which exercises to use in developing effective back care programs.

In addition to updated research, the second edition has undergone many changes that improve the book’s layout and make it more user friendly:

The second edition of Back Stability is organized into five parts that follow a logical progression from initial concepts to clinical applications. The text introduces the problems of back pain and instability and provides an explanation of spinal anatomy, movements, and the physics of lifting. A discussion follows of the basic skills required for developing stability. Assessments of posture and muscle balance are highlighted, and foundational movements for development of core stability are introduced.

After covering the basics, the text moves into more practical applications by presenting progressive exercises and basic equipment used for developing greater stability. Information on abdominal training, resistance apparatus, speed and power, and practical functional progressions will help your patients or clients increase back stability and enhance performance. Finally, real-life patient examples illustrate how to structure a full back stability program.

Back Stability: Integrating Science and Therapy, Second Edition, presents an alternative method for the treatment of back pain and provides each patient or client the opportunity to actively participate in recovery and maintenance. By integrating the science behind back pain into a useable format for understanding and application, Back Stability offers proven methods of care and assists your work with clients and patients to alleviate their pain, increase their back stability, and help them return to a fully functional lifestyle.

About the Author

Christopher M. Norris, PT, is a physiotherapist and director of Norris Associates, which operates two private clinics in northwestern England that specialize in exercise therapy for back rehabilitation. Norris is also a consultant to several Blue Chip industries in northwestern England providing on-site physiotherapy services, on-site holistic therapy, training in ergonomics, and training in manual handling.

In addition to more than 30 years of clinical experience, Norris has served as a postgraduate lecturer in the United Kingdom and Europe and as an external examiner and visiting lecturer for several universities in the United Kingdom. He serves on the board of directors of the International Sports and Spine Society and on the international advisory board (IAB) for the Journal of Bodywork Movement Therapies. He is a former IAB member of Physical Therapy in Sport and Sport Exercise and Injury.

Norris resides in Congleton in the Cheshire region of England. In his free time he enjoys coaching and practicing ju jitsu, running in the Cheshire countryside, and hill walking in the Peak National Park.

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A reference for physical therapists, occupational therapists, physicians, and other rehabilitation professionals. Also a resource for athletic trainers and exercise specialists, as well as students taking courses in therapeutic exercise, low back care, or back fitness.

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