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Wayne L. Westcott, Nautilus
Human Performance Systems
2nd Edition
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232 pages

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Fitness centers and home gyms are full of frustrated exercisers seeking a lean and strong physique. Building Strength and Stamina provides the tools to get results in just 30 minutes a day! One of the nation's leading strength experts shows the most effective way to gain strength and endurance while burning excess body fat.

People who have followed this program typically increased their strength by about 50% after just two months, and they achieved better results than they did with either strength or endurance training alone. The evidence is clear: Building Strength and Stamina is a powerful and efficient tool for anyone who works out regularly.

Updated with a full complement of free weight exercises, this new edition provides exercises and programs to target all the major muscle groups, develop high-intensity workouts, and make the best use of equipment at home or in the gym. Building Strength and Stamina includes circuit training and two- and six-month training programs to meet the toughest training goals.

This proven program is based on the same principles used in the conditioning programs of 10 NFL teams. With new free weight exercises, this edition now appeals to more readers. Now fitness enthusiasts can maximize their use of free weights and machines at home or at the local club to achieve explosive gains. For a leaner and stronger body in less time, there is no better guide than Building Strength and Stamina.

About the Author

Wayne L. Westcott, PhD, CSCS, is fitness research director at the South Shore YMCA in Quincy, Massachusetts. With more than 35 years in strength training as an athlete, coach, teacher, professor, researcher, writer, and speaker, Westcott is recognized as a leading authority on fitness. He has served as a strength training consultant for numerous national organizations and programs, including Nautilus, the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, the National School Fitness Foundation, the International Association of Fitness Professionals, the American Council on Exercise, the YMCA of the USA, and the National Youth Sports Safety Foundation. He has also served as trainer for U.S. Navy fitness leaders. Westcott has received numerous awards, including five National Fitness Profession Leadership Awards, the Governor's Council Lifetime Achievement Award, the IDEA Lifetime Achievement Award, and the President's Council Healthy American Fitness Leader Award.

Westcott has authored or coauthored 15 other books on strength training, including Strength Training Past 50, Strength Training for Seniors, Complete Conditioning for Golf, and Strength and Power for Young Athletes. In addition, he has served on the editorial boards of Prevention, Shape, Men's Health, Fitness, Club Industry, American Fitness Quarterly, and Nautilus.

Westcott lives in Abington, Massachusetts, with his wife, Claudia.

Table of Contents

Words of Praise

"Wayne has written a terrific book. He explains in layman's language how and why to exercise with weights, yet he still gives cardiovascular exercise its due. The new free weight exercises make this second edition a more complete training guide and a welcome addition to any enthusiastic exerciser's library."

David Zinczenko
Editor in chief, Men's Health magazine

"Building Strength and Stamina is an easy-to-understand, comprehensive exercise guide. It's a must-have for personal trainers, coaches, and anyone who wants to create effective workouts."

Michele Stanten
ACE certified fitness instructor
Fitness editor, Prevention magazine

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