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How to Keep Hydrated to Play your Best

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Drink to Win PosterAmerican Sport Education Program
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24" x 36"

As a coach or athletic director, your best defense against dehydration in your athletes is education. Drink to Win, the first in a series of posters from ASEP focusing on preparing athletes to compete successfully, is designed to help your athletes do the following:

  • Understand dehydration and its effects on the body.
  • Know when it’s most likely to occur.
  • Recognize its warning signs.
  • Prevent it from happening.

This 24- by 36-inch full-color poster features a urine color chart enabling athletes to monitor their hydration levels quickly and accurately. Drink to Win is ideal for displaying in the locker room, gym, weight room, trainer’s room, or other training facilities in order to raise awareness of dehydration and serve as a visual guideline for detecting and preventing it.

About the Author

The American Sport Education Program (ASEP) has been developing and delivering coaches education courses since 1981. As the nation’s number-one coaching education program, ASEP works with national, state, and local youth sport organizations to develop educational programs for coaches, officials, administrators, and parents. These programs incorporate ASEP’s philosophy of "Athletes First…Winning Second."

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