Eating on the Run

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Evelyn Tribole
3rd Edition
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224 pages

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Work, social, and family commitments often make it difficult to fit tasty and healthy food choices into your diet. In Eating on the Run, Evelyn Tribole solves your dieting dilemma using her proven expertise concerning all foods, savory and sweet.

Evelyn Tribole is the nation’s leading nutritionist for busy people who want to remain healthy and trim. A former nutritional adviser for “Good Morning America” and the American Dietetic Association, she’s been a columnist for SHAPE and has written several books on nutrition. She also juggles work, family, and frequent speaking engagements—so she knows firsthand just how hectic life can get. Her experience and strategies will help you avoid flavorless, fast-fried choices and eat great while on the go.

Divided into four parts for easy reference, Eating on the Run presents the latest and best information on the following issues:

About the Author

Evelyn Tribole is a registered dietitian who operates a private practice, counseling athletes, executives, families, and other groups on the art of eating healthy in spite of a hectic lifestyle. An expert whom millions have turned to, Tribole was the nutritionist for “Good Morning America” and has appeared frequently in the national media. Currently she is the nutritionist for

Tribole conducts nutrition workshops nationwide for both national and local groups and has written many books including the first two editions of Eating on the Run, Healthy Homestyle Cooking (over 900,000 copies in print), and Healthy Homestyle Desserts.

Tribole earned a master’s degree in nutrition science from California State University at Long Beach. She has received the Excellence in Private Practice award from the American Dietetic Association and is also an accomplished runner who qualified for the Olympic marathon trials in 1984.

Tribole lives in Irvine, California.

Table of Contents

Words of Praise

“I’m always on the go, and healthy eating is very important to me. Evelyn’s practical tips help me stay on track regardless of where I am or how busy I am.”

Model and host of E!’s “Fashion Emergency”

"This book makes all those excuses for not eating right obsolete regardless of your lifestyle, family situation, or demands of your career. Tribole offers you practical, realistic ways to make smart food choices throughout the day."

Delia Hammock, Nutrition Director
Good Housekeeping Institute

"Eating on the Run is the absolute bible of dining out without filling out. Evelyn gives you all the tools you need to make smart, quick nutritional decisions without sacrificing flavor or your favorite foods. Her rules are golden!”

Carole Jacobs
Nutrition Senior Editor, Shape

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