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Essentials of Interactive Functional Anatomy DVD is the ideal software for helping students and professionals thoroughly review components of structural anatomy. Featuring computer graphic models of human anatomy derived from MRI scan data, it allows users to view the high-resolution 3-D models from all angles as well as fully interactive 3-D animations that detail muscle and joint function.

The models used in Essentials of Interactive Functional Anatomy can be rotated and allow for 11 layers of anatomy to be visually removed (from skin to bone) with a strip-away technique. Specific muscles within the 3-D models can be highlighted to show accompanying text about the selected muscle, such as name, agonists, antagonists, proximal and distal attachments, nerve innervation, blood supply, and primary and secondary actions. Informational text also accompanies specific ligaments in the model, providing information on function, injury mechanism, and pathology of injury.

The Essentials of Interactive Functional Anatomy DVD also includes the following:

The animations on the DVD cover all major regions, including the shoulder, elbow and forearm, wrist and hand, trunk, hip, knee, and ankle and foot. Muscles that shorten and lengthen around each joint in these animations are color-coded to show their functions. The additional anatomy text then discusses bones, ligaments, muscles, tendons, retinacula, capsules, cartilage, discs, and membranes.

Essentials of Interactive Functional Anatomy DVD also offers an interactive quiz. Students can select the level of difficulty and number of quiz questions. Then, using a multiple-choice format, they are asked to identify or locate various structures on the model. Students can take the quiz repeatedly and it’s never the same twice, so it serves as an excellent tool for self-testing and knowledge retention.

About the Author

Primal Pictures was established in 1991 with the goal of creating the only complete and medically accurate 3-D model of the human anatomy. Now more than 20 years later, Primal 3-D anatomy software is widely adopted in education and is currently used for patient, practitioner, and student education in over 20 countries.

The representation of the body in Primal’s range of software is unique due to its accuracy and detail. It is derived from genuine medical scan data that has been interpreted by a team of Primal anatomists and then translated into three-dimensional images by an expert team of graphics specialists. The anatomy visuals are accompanied by animations that demonstrate function, biomechanics, and surgical procedures, as well as clinical videos and text written by some of the world’s leading medical specialists.

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A resource for students learning or reviewing structural and functional anatomy. Also for professionals who require knowledge of human anatomy, such as athletic trainers, physical therapists, fitness professionals, biomechanists, and motor behaviorists.

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