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Explosive Lifting for Sports DVDHarvey Newton
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DVD | Length: 45 minutes

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Become a more powerful athlete when you include the snatch, clean, jerk, and their variations in your sport training program. Although most coaches and athletes acknowledge the power-development benefits of the movements in competitive weightlifting, many coaches and athletes are hesitant to incorporate these lifts into their programs because they are technically complex and physically demanding. The Explosive Lifting for Sports video shows you how to make these exercises a safe, effective part of your training program.

Video host Harvey Newton is a former U.S. Olympic team weightlifting coach and former executive director of the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He understands why these exercises can be daunting, and he has the experience and expertise to explain them in simple, detailed language so that you can use the core weightlifting exercises to develop power and boost your athletic performance.

This video presents learning progressions for the snatch, clean, jerk, pulling assistance exercises, squats, and other lifts. It explains how to perform each lift safely with step-by-step instructions to show you exactly how to develop the power you need to excel in your sport. Just as important, it outlines key technical adjustments and exercise options for athletes of various body types.

Most coaches and athletes today agree that resistance training creates stronger, faster players who are more resistant to injury. Improve your performance on the field or court and develop explosive whole-body power with the Explosive Lifting for Sports video.

About the Author

Harvey Newton is a leading figure in the world of weightlifting. Not only is he a former U.S. Olympic team weightlifting coach and former executive director of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), but he was also the first U.S. national coach and the first U.S. member of the International Weightlifting Federation's Scientific and Research Committee. He is the former editor in chief of NSCA's Strength and Conditioning and the current editor of both Strength and Health, a publication of the York Barbell company, and Weightlifting USA, the USA Weightlifting newsletter.

Newton holds an MA in sociology from the University of Colorado. A member of the USA Weightlifting Hall of Fame, he continues to lecture nationally and internationally on strength training and weightlifting. He also serves as strength and power consultant to many sport organizations through his business, Newton Sports. Newton resides in Ormond Beach, Florida. He spends his free time lifting weights, cycling, and reading.

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