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Functional Training for SportsMichael Boyle
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Reach a higher level of athleticism with Functional Training for Sports! Functional training is a complete system of athletic development that focuses on training the body the way it will be used in competition, making it the most efficient and effective form of training today.

Author Mike Boyle, renowned strength and conditioning coach formerly with the Boston Bruins, addresses movement, body positions, and abilities that are essential for success in competition. Through Functional Training for Sports, you will improve your total athleticism, enhance your performance, and reduce injuries through exercise progressions that will spur your development potential for specific movement patterns you commonly use in your sport.

Providing tests for you to determine where to start, the progressions focus on training for the torso, the upper body, and the lower body. The book also provides detailed programs that incorporate the exercises and methods for these progressions. As you master each progression, you will be preparing yourself to perform in any situation with notable improvements in stability and balance, reaction time, core strength, and power. This whole-body, sport-applied system makes Functional Training for Sports your key to today's most effective and efficient training!

About the Author

Michael Boyle is regarded as a leader in the field of strength and conditioning. Before his work with Athletes' Performance, Boyle was owner of Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning, which emphasized performance enhancement and injury prevention to provide athletes of all ages.

Before opening his business, Boyle spent 17 years as the strength and conditioning coach at Boston University and 10 years as the strength and conditioning coach for the NHL's Boston Bruins. He was one of the first strength and conditioning coaches to prepare athletes specifically for the NFL Combine, a trend that is now industry-wide. He also was the strength and conditioning coach for the 1998 gold medal-winning U.S. women's Olympic ice hockey team.

Widely known for his work with hockey players, Boyle also has trained athletes in many of the major professional sports leagues in North America, including the NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, and WNBA.

Boyle lives in Reading, Massachusetts, with his wife, Cynthia.

Table of Contents

Words of Praise

"Mike Boyle knows how to get results. He helped me reach my full playing potential, and in Functional Training for Sports he'll show you how to condition your body to perform its best during competition."

Brendan Shanahan
Detroit Red Wings

"With Functional Training for Sports you can become stronger and faster than ever. Boyle's system works! He helped me reach my dream of being a professional football player and enabled me to perform better than my peers."

Marcellus Wiley
San Diego Chargers

"Mike Boyle's training techniques have helped me to be stronger, quicker, and fitter. His approach prepares me for the long soccer season and gives me the extra edge I need. Functional Training for Sports presents the most effective and efficient training program available today!"

Kristine Lilly
15-year veteran of the U.S. women's national soccer team

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