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Hiking and BackpackingWilderness Education Association
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272 pages

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Through Hiking and Backpacking, you can discover the essentials to prepare for your adventure, learn the basic skills and techniques from master teachers, find tips and insights regarding equipment and gear, test your knowledge with questions at the end of each chapter, and learn to use the Web to find great trails and adventures.

Hiking and Backpacking are great leisure-time activities. But before heading out, you need to know how to ensure a safe, environmentally sound, and enjoyable hiking and backpacking experience. Master teachers take you step by step through the preparation, skills, and techniques you need to know for a successful adventure. They provide you with practical tips in all these areas, and they also supply you with Web addresses to help you plan your hiking and backpacking adventures throughout the world. This practical book presents all the essential information you need for hiking, overnight camping, and backpacking.

Hiking and Backpacking covers all that, and much more! Through this book you will learn how to

Part I prepares you for your adventure with the necessary background knowledge, fitness basics, equipment and gear selection, nutritional needs, safety, and survival skills. In Part II, you build your basic techniques and skills so you can embark on your first trek and subsequent adventures of increasing difficulty. Starting with easy day trips, you move on to more challenging hikes, overnight camping, and extended backpacking adventures as well as adventures that include groups, families, and dogs. Throughout the book, expert guides offer technique, consumer, and safety tips from their extensive experience. Web sites help you explore the world of outdoor adventure.

Use Hiking and Backpacking to lead you on new trails, explore new places, and join other hiking and backpacking enthusiasts all over the world in one of the fastest-growing outdoor activities. Around each bend in a trail is a perfect moment waiting to happen—and this book will prepare you to take full advantage of that moment!

About WEA

The Wilderness Education Association (WEA) is a not-for-profit organization that develops and implements educational curricula and programs aimed at educating people about the appropriate use of wildlands and protected areas. The WEA also forms strategic alliances with federal land management agencies, conservation groups, and all organizations that benefit from wildlands and believe that the existence of wildlands is important to the quality of life.

The WEA has an affiliate network of more than 40 colleges, universities, private, and nonprofit groups that offer their courses. These affiliates are in the United States as well as Canada, Mexico, and Hong Kong. Through WEA’s courses, students can learn a wide range of outdoor leadership skills.

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Resource for consumers who want to learn the basics of hiking and backpacking. Also used by the Wilderness Education Association for introductory courses and workshops. Text for college-level basic hiking and backpacking courses.

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