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Jumping Into Plyometrics VideoDonald A. Chu
US Price: $29.95
VHS | Length: 35 minutes
9780873225090 (VHS)


The Jumping Into Plyometrics Video shows your athletes how to perform 21 core exercises found in the book Jumping Into Plyometrics. Using slow motion, freeze frames, and graphics, the video demonstrates, in detail, how each exercise is executed.

Like the book, the Jumping Into Plyometrics Video demonstrates exercises of low, moderate, and high intensity for each category and explains techniques for adjusting the intensity levels to make the exercises appropriate for any caliber of athlete. Jumping Into Plyometrics Video features seven categories of exercises that will improve your athletes' speed, quickness, and jumping ability while giving them greater coordination, body control, and balance.

The categories include:

Sport-specific applications and objectives are provided for each exercise so you can use plyometrics for training regimens in a wide variety of sports. Accompanying the video is a guide that describes practical tests for assessing athletes' skill levels and a reproducible chart for monitoring progress.


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