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JumpmetricsAlan Tyson, Ben Cook
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200 pages

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Improve your jump performance, power, and technique! Jumpmetrics is the complete program that will give you an edge in any sport involving quick first steps, cuts, and especially jumps.

Jumpmetrics contains a series of functional tests that will measure your ability to move and react and help you determine the best starting point for your training in the programs presented. The detailed programs are broken into three levels. At each level, you'll find 12- to 16-week programs to boost you to new heights of performance.

By combining traditional strength and plyometric exercises with postural, balance, and stabilization training, Jumpmetrics conditions not only the prime movers but also the stabilizing muscles and antagonists-helping you move more efficiently while reducing your risk of knee injury. You'll also learn about the proper joint position during high-speed, loaded movements so that you develop better body control.

Improve your first-step explosion, leaping ability, and overall quickness with the expert advice in Jumpmetrics-and unleash your body's power!

About the Authors

Alan Tyson has been a clinician for over 12 years and is the vice president of sports performance and rehabilitation for Miller Orthopaedic Clinic. He is a licensed physical therapist board-certified as a sports clinical specialist, a certified athletic trainer, and a certified strength and conditioning specialist. He has been a physical therapy and rehabilitative consultant for the Carolina Panthers, Charlotte Eagles, Charlotte Sting, and Charlotte Knights.

Tyson speaks on both the regional and national levels regarding numerous rehabilitative topics. He is the column editor for "Rehab Tips," a bimonthly column in the National Strength and Conditioning Association's Strength and Conditioning Journal, and he writes a column for Pure Power Magazine.

Tyson is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association, National Athletic Trainers' Association, and National Strength and Conditioning Association. He lives in Waxhaw, North Carolina.

Ben Cook is the Manager of Sports Performance at the Epicenter Sports Performance Enhancement Center. Ben has worked with high school, college, and professional athletes in strength and conditioning for 18 years. From 1993-2001 he was the Strength and Conditioning Coach for men's basketball at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Ben earned his master's degree in Exercsie and Sports Science from the University of North Carolina and is a certified personal trainer and strength and conditioning specialist. Cook lives in Harrisburg, North Carolina.

Table of Contents

Words of Praise

"My success on the court comes from my strong vertical and lateral abilities. Tyson and Cook will show you how to identify and correct any weaknesses you have in your jumping and cutting skills. Jumpmetrics will make you more explosive and quicker, too!"

Andrea Stinson
Three-time WNBA All-Star
Charlotte Sting

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