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Physical Activity EpidemiologyRod Dishman, Richard Washburn, Gregory Heath
5th Edition
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488 pages

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In one comprehensive resource, Physical Activity Epidemiology presents the historical background and main concepts of epidemiology and discussion and summary of original research. The text explains how and why epidemiology is important as well as how it is used and applied.

This is the first textbook dedicated solely to the epidemiology of physical activity and the only complete reference written for students. It is a practical and informative resource for both students of epidemiology and established professionals.

The authors provide detailed discussion of real-life examples to assist students' understanding of how physical activity epidemiology is used and applied. The book covers all the important areas, including disease mortality, risk factors, chronic diseases, and cancer and immunity.

The organization of Physical Activity Epidemiology into five progressive parts and 16 specific chapters makes it easy for readers to understand how epidemiology is important. These special features further enhance learning:

You'll find Physical Activity Epidemiology an easy-to-understand and relevant text. It sheds new light on the public health significance of physical activity and the methods employed to study this behavior in the population.

About the Author

Rod K. Dishman, PhD, is a professor of exercise science and the director of the Exercise Psychology Laboratory at the University of Georgia at Athens and adjunct professor in the School of Public Health at the University of South Carolina at Columbia. He has served as an exercise consultant to numerous public health agencies in the United States, Canada, and Europe; and he has written or edited several books related to physical activity and health.

Dr. Dishman is an American College of Sports Medicine fellow and a member of the jury for selection of the Olympic Prize in Sport Sciences awarded by the International Olympic Committee's Medical Commission. He resides in Athens, Georgia, and enjoys running, resistance exercise and, on occasion, gardening.

Gregory Heath, DHSc, MPH, has been contributing to the field of exercise science and health promotion for 25 years. Dr. Heath is at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and is lead health scientist in the Physical Activity and Health Branch. He has extensive experience in conducting studies and data analyses in the areas of physical activity epidemiology and public health practice.

Dr. Heath is a fellow in the Council on Epidemiology and Prevention, the American Heart Association, and the American College of Sports Medicine. He earned his doctor of health science degree in applied physiology and nutrition and his master's of public health in epidemiology from Loma Linda University.

Richard A. Washburn, PhD, is a specialist in exercise epidemiology. Dr. Washburn is an associate professor at the University of Kansas at Lawrence. He is a fellow in the American College of Sports Medicine and an author, coauthor, and presenter of more than 75 scholarly articles and abstracts on exercise epidemiology and related topics. Dr. Washburn earned his PhD at the University of Wisconsin at Madison and a master's in public health from the University of Pittsburgh. In his free time he enjoys downhill skiing, bicycling, and in-line skating.

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Reference for exercise scientists, sports medicine specialists, public health administrators, and health and fitness professionals; text for undergraduate and graduate students in exercise science and public health;

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