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Physiological Tests for Elite AthletesAustralian Sports Commission
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The quality assurance procedures and accreditation used in sport science laboratories in Australia are respected worldwide. Now you can put these protocols to use in your research or training program with this authoritative guide from the Australian Sports Commission. Physiological Tests for Elite Athletes is your best source for standardized test protocols for athletes in 17 internationally recognized sports.

Using the protocols in this breakthrough book, researchers in any country can standardize procedures and share data. And athletes and coaches can compare data from different labs for analyzing results and planning training regimens. While learning about controlled test procedures, students of exercise physiology can compare their test scores with those of top-level athletes.

The normative data for these tests have been collected from athletes competing at national and international levels. Thoroughly practical, the book provides principles and examples of test protocols, data analysis, and data interpretation.

Physiological Tests for Elite Athletes presents guidelines for pretest preparation of labs and athletes, with five reproducible forms. The book takes readers through discussions of general assessment procedures, including

The book also provides sport-specific information in the assessment of athletic performance. All 17 sport-specific chapters include step-by-step protocols particularly suited to testing athletes engaged in that sport. Extensive tables offer normative data for various national and international sports, including

In addition, the book's treatment of the difficult area of strength assessment is the most extensive available to date. In all, Physiological Tests for Elite Athletes provides a complete international review of athlete testing. It's the most comprehensive applied testing manual available for exercise scientists and students of exercise physiology.

About the Editor

Christopher J. Gore, PhD, is a laboratory standards coordinator for the Australian Institute of Sport, where he has worked since 1992. He assists in developing standardized tests for most of Australia's Olympic sports. He is responsible for quality control among 27 sports institutes and university laboratories that test state, national, and Olympic-level athletes in Australia.

Gore has devised two calibration machines for assessing the accuracy and precision of VO2 systems for quantifying the accuracy of oxygen and carbon dioxide analyzers as well as flow devices. He also has collaborated in developing a device for dynamic calibration of skinfold calipers. Gore conducts research on the effects of altitude training on athlete performance and has helped the Australian Institute of Sport develop an "Altitude House" that simulates moderate altitudes.

Gore holds a doctorate in exercise physiology from Flinders University of South Australia. He has authored more than 30 papers published in peer-reviewed journals and is the recipient of a Young Investigator Award from Sports Medicine Australia. The author is a member of Sports Medicine Australia and the American College of Sports Medicine. His favorite leisure time activities include cycling, swimming, flying stunt kites, and gardening.

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Reference for sports scientists and physiologists involved in testing and assessment of elite athletes, or coaches and athletes planning training regimens for elite athletic participation. Students of sport physiology and human movement will find the protocols a useful guide to the key concepts of human performance testing in the laboratory.

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