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Software (PC-Kits Computer Exercise Collection)

Health Fitness Management 2E

Strength Training Past 50
Fitness Professional's Handbook Foundations of Professional Personal Training
Complete Conditioning for Tennis Strength Training
Resistance Training Instruction DVDs: Complete Collection Psychology for Physical Educators
Principles and Practice of Resistance Training Resistance Training Instruction
Fantastic Water Workouts 2E  Facilitated Stretching 3E
Janet Evans' Total Swimming  Understanding and Preventing Noncontact ACL Injuries
 Complete Conditioning for Golf  Foundations of Sport & Exercise Psychology
Vegetarian Sports Nutrition Bodybuilding Anatomy
 Morning Cardio Workouts Successful Programs for Fitness and Health Clubs

Women's Health and Fitness Guide

Optimizing Strength Training 
Rene Bibaud's Complete Fundamentals of Rope Jumping DVD Sports Injuries Guidebook
Complete Conditioning for Tennis Complete Conditioning for Basketball
Low Back Disorders 2E Therapeutic Medications in Athletic Training
Action Plan For Allergies The Swimming Drill Book
Endurance Sports Nutrition Exercise Prescription: A Case Study Approach to the ACSM Guidelines
Stretch to Win Fitness Nutrition for Special Dietary Needs
Norms for Fitness, Performance, and Health Physical Activity Interventions in Children and Adolescents
Worksite Health Promotion Practical Sports Nutrition
Morning Strength Workouts Morning Pilates Workouts
Complete Conditioning for Hockey Morning Yoga Workouts
Strength Ball Training Stretching Anatomy

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