Pilates Mat Poster Set

Three 24" wide by 36" high (61 x 91.5 cm)

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Unlaminated Set
US Price: $59
Laminated Set
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  • Beginning Routine: focuses on abdominal and lower-back strength, correct alignment, proper breathing, muscle lengthening and balance.
  • Intermediate Routine: learn the "Pilates Five" abdominal series, as well as sixteen other classic Pilates exercises that train all areas of your body for maximum benefit. These exercises are for developing flatter abs, better balance, long and lean muscles, and achieving greater control and focus.
  • Advanced Routine: Designed for the experienced Pilates enthusiast, this twenty-one exercise Advanced Routine is used by athletes and dancers. The whole body will feel and look its best once this highly effective and fun routine is mastered.

About the Creator

Jonathan Urla, MFA, is fully certified in Pilates technique by Power Pilates, and is a recognized authority on Pilates and yoga. His book on Yogilates has been published in several languages, and he is the author of several teacher training courses and manuals on Pilates and yoga.

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