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Self-assisted Inverse Leg Curl



Place elevated platform in front of glute-hamstring apperatus. Adjust padded supports and kneel upright in apparatus. Position knees against large roller pad or near-upper side of padded hump (depending on model), ankles between padded supports, and feet on platform.


Lower body with hips straight by slowly straightening knees. Position hands foward ready to push body weight back up off of surface. Control descent only with hamstrings as low as possible before catching body by quickly placing hands on elevated platform and rapidly push off against plateform, just enough to assist hamstrings in raising body upward. Return to upright kneeling position and repeat.


This movement is also known as Self-assisted Hamstring Raise. To keep exercise challenging, push off only hard enough to minimally assist raising of body with hamstrings keep only place hands on top of platform when controlled decent can no longer be maintained with hamstring strength alone. Also attempt to keep hips as straight as possible throughout movement

Dorsal flexion of ankle reduces active insufficiency of Gastrocnemius allowing it to assist in knee flexion. Also see Inverse Leg Curl comments and Arm Position During Exercises.




 Utility: Basic
 Mechanics: Isolated
 Force: Pull





Antagonist Stabilizers

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