Weightlifting for Special Populations

Does this stuff work on everyone?

by Dr Lon Kilgore PhD

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It has been suggested that a high degree of individualization of training is necessary to reach close to full genetic potential, and the closer to genetic potential the trainee approaches the more important this becomes. Frequently though, the common practice of copying a program designed for an individual other than the one being trained results in a program that does not work very well. The use of an elite athlete’s training program by a novice trainee would be in complete disregard for the principles developed over the previous couple of hundred pages. The use of a program designed for NCAA Division I football on a high school team, or using the Bulgarian approach to training Olympic level weightlifters on a novice powerlifter, is obviously wrong. So the question follows: do the training models presented here apply at the appropriate level – novice, intermediate, and advanced – to all populations? Do they work for women, children, older people, and injured people? Yes, they pretty much do.


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