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Hopefully this forum is still alive, I can't find any good subreddit where to post this since /r/fitness blocks any thread about pain.

I've had this slight pain for years when doing bench presses and similar motions; it's hard to characterize the pain, it is not a very big pain, it makes my shoulder weaker, and the pain seems to be in the shoulder itself near the anterior and lateral deltoids, and most importantly, the pain goes away rapidly after the exercise. It's painful when I stretch my internal rotators/subscapularis, or if I bench heavy weights or do explosive "clapping" push-ups, and doesn't affect my daily life at all. I was over a year without lifting weights and had in fact forgotten that I ever had that issue.

Rowing and any other exercises for the back doesn't cause any pain. I've been doing a lot of training for my upper back, external rotators, serratus anterior, etc. in the past years and never had any issue.

As I've said, I've been able to pinpoint it as a pain when I stretch my internal rotators, when I do something like this exrxDOTnet/StretchImages/Subscapularis/Broomstick.jpg. I've started doing internal rotation exercises using a pulley, and even though I do many sets, even going through the pain a bit, the pain subsides very rapidly afterwards (within minutes) and there is no soreness or anything the next day. I had neglected doing any kind of internal rotation exercise because for years I have read that our internal rotators actually get overtrained, but I'm starting to think that developing strength/activation in a slightly stretched range of motion could actually be useful.

Anyone has any recommendations? This pain is so small and doesn't really effect my day to day life other than my life in the gym, but it keeps me from being pushing myself as much as I'd want and become as strong as I could be. I've never had any kind of injury in my life. I've googled my problem many times but never seemed to have found anyone with that kind of non-chronic shoulder issue, everything is about rotator tears and stuff like that.

Of note is that as a kid and teenager, I'd always carry my backpack on the problematic shoulder, so I think that shoulder might tend to sit a tiny bit higher than the other one. I've also noticed that my lateral deltoid is visibly smaller/less defined on that shoulder, despite no major difference in strength when doing lateral raises.


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