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Visitors 49,548 1,536,009
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Description is a resource for exercise and fitness enthusiasts featuring comprehensive exercise libraries, fitness calculators, and reference articles. Topics include exercise instruction, weight training, aerobic conditioning, weight management, diet and nutrition, psychology, kinesiology, ergogenic aids, fitness testing, sports conditioning, and beginning exercise.


In our most recent site survey (Nov 2012 to March 2014), 25% of our respondents identified themselves as an exercise professional, while 11% were athletes. Here's a more detailed breakdown of site visitor demographics:

7.8% Personal Trainers
4.9% Students of Exercise Science
3.6% Students of Health Related Field
3.0% Other Exercise Professionals
2.1% College Athletes
1.9% Rehabilitation Practitioners
1.8% Strength & Conditioning Coaches
1.0% High School PE or Health Teachers
0.4% College Instructors, Exercise Science
0.7% Professional Athletes
0.3% College Instructors, Health Related

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