ExRx Unsolicited Visitor Feedback (901-1000)


$3 Monthly Donation from Ivonne Zamora. Thanks Ivonne!

$20 Donation from John Gnodtke. Thanks John!

$8 Donation from Mark Bank, Kent State University (Kent, Ohio). Thanks Mark!

$10 Donation from Matthew Foss. Thanks Matthew!

Thank you for all the wisdom that you have shared with the world over the years. ExRx.net has been a de facto reference knowledge base for many of our crew members since we were teenagers.

Lazar Pancic (Serbia)

$15 Donation from Stefan Lithén. Thanks Stefan!

I have been referencing exrx for the times I do train since around 2004.  I learned about the site from a T.A. student who was teaching a basketball class I signed up for to balance my engineering curriculum for the semester.  Thanks for all the great information you guys provide.

Ludwig Barquin

My clients will love it (Physigraphe V2 Pro ClipArt). I love exrx.net. I am running a gym and a crossfit box. 

Peter Weller, Weller Training (Dresden, Germany)

A massive thank you for ExRx.net.  It helped me during my Personal Training assignments and assessments.

Zelda Delgado

Your website is a great free resource! I’m a PT of 10 years and love how you guys are still going.

Dan Hardie

Exrx.net has been an invaluable resource during my initial weight loss/fitness journey five years ago, and a place I keep coming back to. I appreciate the feel of the site tremendously; the tone and layout communicate that the focus here is to provide the best possible information; not to have the slickest website or the most spectacular/inspirational photography. Thank you for this incredible resource. 

$25 Donation from Pascal Haakmat. Thanks Pascal!

I use ExRx.net frequently for the workout directory and decided to check out the rest of the site now that I am getting more serious about fitness. Thanks for a great and informative site!
Blake Gonzalez

Love ExRx, and am looking forward to trying the app. ...Ok, that said, I'm really thankful you for everything you do.

Geoffrey McCarney

Big fan of your website. Very helpful stuff.

Alon Gr

Wonderful website, I have learned so much about the human body and proper exercise function. Thanks again for all the information.
Robert Adams

I have been around long enough that I have been visiting and referring students to your site for decades and you do truly have the best information out there!

Tiffany M Reiss, PhD, Clinical Associate Professor, Washington State University (Pullman, WA)

I really appreciate your site and use the directory a lot to set up my training routines.
Nikolaus Neugebauer

...I'm a big fan of the site. Lots of useful information laid out in a scientific way, and in depth explanation of terminology.

Pete Bekos

$20 Donation from Wayne McGee. Thanks Wayne!

$1 Monthly Donation from Ruchee Patel. Thanks Ruchee!

Very nice new presentation for the webpage! I've been using you guys as a reference for a while now, great content ;-) Thanks again for all the great information, all very useful, the mechanics, muscles involved, videos showing the execution. Keep up the good work!

Daniel Fogli

I love the site and I've used it for years.
Christopher Smith

Love the site!

Turner Burn

We really like your site.

Stephen Buryk

Thanks for everything you do! I'll be sure to donate again in the future whenever I can!

$20 Donation from Carlos Narvaez. Thanks Carlos!

Simply the best Exercise page on the Internet. Thanks to James Griffing and all the guys.

Frank Anderson Yépez

Thanks for creating a great resource. We have been using your site in my KINS 2100 class at the University of North Georgia and have learned a lot from it.

Matthew Delise

ExRx.net has been a go-to site for me for many years. Your passion, dedication and generosity is profound!  Kudos!!!

Paul Hoffman (E. Greenwich, RI)

Best free fitness website on the internet

Robert Raso

I have used ExRx.net for years and it has one of the best measurement charts ever.

Chris Marzarella, Marzarella Fitness & Sports Conditioning (Brick, NJ)

Your exercise libraries have been SO HELPFUL. I've learned so much and managed to build a plan. I was having such a hard time dealing with youtube videos - and I only wished in my mind to have the exact same thing your site provided and than I found you. Everything so organized and well served!! I'm a fan!!! Thank you so much for this awesome library!! Love!!

Hila Cohan

Excellent work on your site exrx.net. Extremely valuable information and with so much fraud in the industry it's nice to have a consistently reliable resource for anything and everything in the health and fitness world.

Louis Kornfeind (Phoenixville, PA)

I am in the process of opening a training facility and my top trainers rave about your site.

Jason Marsdale

I find your site very helpful and I really enjoy it, thanks.

Dan DeBenedetto

$50 Donation from Jeff Peters. Thanks Jeff!

$10 Donation from Boeriu Ovidiu. Thanks Boeriu!

As a personal trainer, I've found ExRx.net to be an incredibly valuable resource.

Larah Kornfeind (Phoenixville, PA)

I'm a big fan of your website.

Dr Sumit Parikh, MD (Cleveland, OH)

I wish to thank you for the Health Age Calculator.

$25 Donation from Hisham Alomran. Thanks Hisham!

...congratulations and thank you for an amazing website. It is very informative and useful.

Prabhakar “KP” Karri

I'm a fan of exrx.net. I really enjoyed reading some of your articles.

Will Tottle

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