Can you place our own clinic logo on the exercise sheets?

You can place your own logo on the exercise sheets (refer to the help feature for instructions).

How many of our own exercises can we insert into the program?

Virtually an unlimited number of exercises can be added to PC-Kits. Technically though your hard drive space with be the limiting factor and perhaps to some extent your RAM (you will probably tire from adding exercises before this becomes an issue). The size and number of pictures will somewhat effect the speed they are rendered on the screen. Although you could add an unlimited number of exercises the program the user added menu will get quite long with a very large number of exercises. With hundreds of exercises added, you would have to scroll for a long time to find the customized exercise you where looking for. Future versions of PC-Kits may add submenus to the user added exercise pulldown menu to accommodate easier access to larger libraries of user added exercises. The user added menu is currently designed to supplement the exercise collections rather than to replace entire libraries.

Since you may find it tedious to add a large number of exercises yourself we offer 43 collections. Furthermore, you may find it is ultimately less expensive to purchase additional kits and perhaps modify them slightly to your specifications rather than pay someone to add large numbers of exercises one by one for you. Your time is probably even more valuable.

Line drawing will render faster on the screen than digital photo graphs. We do offer clip art images if you would like to add individual exercises to supplement any of the 42 prepackaged exercise collections.


Can the software accommodate different network scenarios and large installations?

VHI PC-Kits enterprise network edition integrates seamlessly with existing Microsoft SQL Server installations. It has been designed to install with client-server, peer-to-peer and terminal server environments.

Our software runs efficiently from one to hundreds of users. It is designed to scale with the needs of your operation. Add additional users and databases at any time.