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Activities of Daily Living

Amputee Lower Extremity Rehabilitation

Aquatic: Dynamic/Functional

Aquatic Exercise

Assisted Exercise

Balance & Vestibular Rehabilitation

Balance Training

Body Mechanics Resource Library

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Closed Chain

Dynamic Exercises

Early Development

Eccentric Exercise

Foam Roller

Gary Gray Functional Exercises

Geriatric Exercise Resource Library

Geriatric Strengthening

Golf Resource Library

Hatha Yoga

Incontinence & Pelvic Floor Disorders


Manual Therapy

Medicine Ball

Neurodynamic Mobilization

Neurological Rehabilitation

Occupational Therapy

Olympic Weight Training

Oral Sensory and Motor Treatment

Orthopedic Exercise and Rehabilitation Rx

Osteoporosis Management and Postural Correction

Pediatric Functional

Pilates Mat Exercises

Plyometric, Stabilization & Advanced Functional


Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Spinal Stabilization

Stability Ball

Strength on Ball

Strength Training

Stretching, Complete

Tai Chi Fundamentals

Theraputic Yoga



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Select the number of concurrent users from the pulldown menu (1-10); select the boxes before the exercise collections desired; then click calculate. Use this calculator to figure price quotes for 1 to 10 concurrent users.

Please specify what exercise collections you would like and how many concurrent users you require (number of users must be the same on all collections). See Desktop Edition for the non-network version pricing. Discounts ranging from 10% - 50% are subtracted from the exercise collections. Discounts are based upon the number of concurrent users and exercise collections purchased.