VHI PC Kits: Desktop Edition

VHI PC Kit: Desktop Edition VHI
Version 4.0
US Price: $99*

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*The exercises are sold seperate from the software. You will need to purchase at least one exercise kit order to use this software.

Choose from 44 EXERCISE KITS you can use with PC-Kits.

VHI PC-Kits allows you to choose from thousands of exercises to create easy-to-read, professional looking exercise routines your clients will love! With this easy to use drag and drop program, you can create, customize, and print an exercise routine in minutes. PC-Kits is used on a daily basis by over 30,000 physical therapists, occupational therapists, certified athletic trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, and fitness directors of health clubs. PC-Kits software is only to be used by certified trainers, licenced therapists, or students of related study.

The PC-Kits Desktop Edition is licensed to be used on a single computer. If you want PC-Kits for multiple computers you have two options:

    1. Purchase the software and exercise kits for each computer.
    2. Purchase the Network Edition.

See how PC Kits works:

See for yourself and download a demo.

Other Features:

  • Password protection of patient data for HIPAA compliancy
  • Flip pictures for left/right orientation
  • Male/Female figures on most exercise kits
  • Spanish exercise captions for most exercise kits
  • E-mail routines to clients
  • Print logo on all exercise routines
  • Add your own exercises
  • Data Backup & Recovery Module
  • Patient Archiving Module
  • Customizable Exercise Tracking Grids
  • Printable Chart Copies
  • Bookmark favorite exercises for fast retrieval

New to Version 4.0

  • Search by: Equipment, Movement, Body Part, Posture, Muscles, Like Exercises, and Type of Exercise
  • Improved screen image quality
  • Evidence-based exercise information for clinical decisions
  • Marketing Tools

Upgrades From Previous Versions

Upgrade your older desktop version to Version 4.0 (US price: only $69)

Contact us to receive a quote to upgrade an older network edition.

System Requirements

  • Pentium compatible Processor
  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Window 8, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008
  • 40-800 MB free hard disk space (depends on kits purchased)
  • The PC-Kits demo requires a minimum of 75 MB free space
  • DVD ROM drive required to install

PC-Kits is not programmed for the Macintosh operating system. For running on a Macintosh computer you must use a program which allows Windows applications to run on a Macintosh. We recommend CrossOver, which is purchased separately from an outside vendor at www.codeweavers.com. Support is not guaranteed for Macintosh computers.

The exercises are sold separate from the software. You will need to purchase at least one exercise kit in order to use this software.

Tech Support

Receive free phone and e-mail support with your purchase.

Words of Praise

PC-Kits ... an excellent tool for any setting where the users need to develop exercise programs... A well designed, organized, and very user friendly program...

Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy (November 2000)

Rehab Professionals

It took me less than 30 minutes to train my entire staff to use this program. Everyone loves it. It's just wonderful!

Scott Olson PT, MOMT, Owner/Director, Moss Bay Physical Therapy, Bothell, WA

I love being able to change the cards to meet my needs. It's the easiest program I've ever used!

Karen Schultz-Johnson, MS, OTR, FAOTA, CHT, Rocky Mountain Hand Therapy Clinic, Vail, CO

When a patient loses a routine, I just look it up and print another copy. This program is just incredible.

Jeff Wills, PT, ATC, OCS, Drayer Physical Therapy Institute

Of all the programs we previewed, not one came close to the quality of handouts you can generate with PC-Kits.

Carl Contino, PT, Director, PT/OT, Rising Sun PT & Performance, Philadelphia, PA

We are familiar with the VHI cards. This made the transition to a computer program easy and painless. We love what this program can do.

Dolan Dalposa, PT, Director of Rehabilitation, Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital, Lincoln, IL

I've used other computerized exercise programs, but this is the best by far. It's easy to use, and the database is incredible.

Rob Rosenberry, PT, Rob Rosenberry Physical Therapy, Solvang, CA

Fitness Professionals

A must set of tools for the personal trainer wanting to be a full service provider.

Damian Stephens, Director of Training, National Council of Strength & Fitness, Miami, FL

PC-Kits has improved client satisfaction by helping me educate them on how to exercise safely.

Irv Rubenstein, PhD, Exercise Physiologist, ACSM, NSCA Certified, Nashville, TN

I love having a visual presentation of my clients workout history. It's so easy to see what I have done and where I need to go next.

Susan Gilmore, Personal Trainer/President, Personal Best Inc., Alexandria, VA

No other program we previewed generated the accuracy and quality of handouts we get with PC-Kits. It has enhanced our professional status with our clientele.

Michael Jenniex, MS, CFE, NSCA Certified, Program Director, Whitaker Wellness Center, Naples, FL

I use VHI products to help my clients exercise properly when I can't be there. These tools are wonderful!

Michelle Souder, Personal Trainer/ACE Certified, Wellness Coordinator, Macomb Family YMCA, Mt Clemens, MI

Get a competitive edge by providing clients with the highest quality professional information. We recommend VHI products to all of our aspiring and existing personal trainer students.

Lonna Calhoun, President, Progressive Fitness, San Pedro, CA

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