In-Line Lunge

In-Line Lunge Test


Before assessment, test administrator measures length of foot and lower leg (perpendicular distance from bent knee to floor). Place two marks on a board (approximately 2 x 6 inch or 5 x 15 cm). First mark is foot's lengths plus small distance (1 inch or 2 cm) from end of board. Second mark is lower leg's length from first mark.



Place tip of toe on first mark. Hold light bar behind back with both hands, one arm up and opposite arm down. Bar should make contact with head and upper back. Lower hand should make contact with small of back or centered just above rear end.


Take step onto board with opposite foot, placing tip of heel on second mark. Lower trailing knee to make contact with board behind front foot. Raise body by straightening both knees, placing trailing heel back on board so both feet are in-line, flat on board. Repeat with legs in opposite positions.


In addition to above instructions, test administrator assesses subject's completion of movement using following criteria:

  • Lumbar spine movement is minimal
  • Hip of trailing leg completely extends at lowest position
  • Both feet in-line
  • Knee touches board
  • Knees are aligned with feet
  • Balance is maintained throughout movement


Test subject may need to wear shorts or pull up sweat pants from around knees and remove shirt or roll up shirt from around hips so test administrator can observe these body segments during this test. Also see Question/Answer.


Functional Mobility (step leg)

Functional Mobility (trailing leg)

Dynamic Stability


  • Overcome lateral stress

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