Overhead Deep Squat

Overhead Deep Squat Test



Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, toes pointed out slightly. Grasp light bar with elbow width grip (grasp when elbows are at 90° with both upper arms in-line to one another). Raise bar overhead with arms extended. Position head forward or slightly down.


Slowly squat as low as possible with bar overhead. Knees should travel same direction as toes. Knees should extend forward approximately same rate as hips extend back. Body weight should be situated through entire foot through movement.


In addition to above instructions, test administrator assesses subject's completion of movement using following criteria:

  • Upper torso is parallel with shin or toward vertical
  • Hip is lower than knee
  • Knees are aligned over feet
  • Bar is aligned directly over feet

Test administrator should also note any issues with balance, speed of descent and ascent, and pain or discomfort.


Test subject may need wear shorts and remove shirt so test administrator can observe body segments during this test. Test administrator may need to coach subject on form if it is not intuitive. If subject cannot complete overhead full squat within three attempts, subject should attempt movement with board (approximately 2 x 6 inch or 5 x 15 cm) under heels as pictured. Test results should indicate if subject required board under heels to complete movement. See Full Squat Analysis and Full Squat Flexibility.


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