Rotary Stability Screen

Rotary Stability Screen (Raise)
Rotary Stability Screen Test (Retract)



Kneel on floor with board (approximately 2 x 6 inch or 5 x 15 cm) between knees and hands so they are in contact with board. Arms and thighs should be positioned vertically.


Flex shoulder and extend same side hip and knee (eg: lift left arm and left leg). Retract same side arm and leg until elbow and knee touch. Complete two or more repetitions without contacting floor.


In addition to above instructions, test administrator assesses subject's completion of movement using following criteria:

  • Hand and leg must clear floor by about 6 inches (15 cm)
  • Lifted wrist, elbow, and knee should remain in line with board
  • Torso should remain in same plane as board
  • No contact is made with floor during while performing repetitions

Indicate if subject is able to complete movement using criteria within three attempts on both sides. Test administrator should note if pain or discomfort was experienced.


If subject cannot complete movement as described within three attempts, subject should attempt modified movement: diagonal flexion and extension lift (lift and retract right arm in sync with lifting and retracting left leg). Test results should note if subject could not complete first movement. If subject cannot complete either movement, record fail on both movements.


Dynamic Stability

  • Trunk stability
    • During asymmetric upper and lower extremity motions
    • Sagittal and Transverse planes

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