Suspended Inverted Row

Suspended Inverted Row


Utility: Basic or Auxiliary
Mechanics: Compound
Force: Pull



Position suspension handles higher than arms' length above floor. Sit on floor and grasp handles. Position body supine hanging from handles with arms straight, shoulders under handles, body straight, and back of heels on floor.


Pull body up so sides of chest make contact with handles while keeping body straight. Return until arms are extended straight and shoulders are stretched forward. Repeat.


Fixed bar should be just high enough to allow arm to fully extend. See Gravity Vectors for greater understanding of body angle influences resistance.

This exercise can be performed on TRXⓇ style suspension trainer or adjustable length gymnastics rings. Also known as Body Row or Supine Row.


Resistance can be reduced by raising handles, sitting and bending at hips, or bending at knee with feet flat on floor.


This movement can be made more challenging by positioning body in more horizontal position at height of movements. This can be achieved by placing back of heels on elevated surface. This exercise is typically performed without added resistance, although additional weight can be placed on belly or pelvis.

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