Handstand Shoulder Press (between benches)

Handstand Press (between benches)


Utility: Basic
Mechanics: Compound
Force: Push



Stand facing wall between two benches positioned side by side, slightly apart, and slightly away and perpendicular to wall. Place hands on ends of benches closest to wall. Place forefeet on bench and kick lower body up to handstand position with arms and legs straight. Maintain balance with lower body against wall.


Lower head between ends of benches by bending arms. Push body back up to original position by extending arms. Repeat.


Benches must be secured to prevent sliding on floor. Also, each benches' base of support should be under edge of bench where hand is placed to prevent bench toppling under body weight. Falling from an inverted position may result in very serious injury. Also known as Elevated Handstand Push-up.


Resistance can be reduced by performing exercise with feet positioned on incline bench in pike position. Alternatively exercises can be performed on floor. As strength improves, hands can be placed on very short elevations such as a book on each side of head. Eventually, progressively taller platforms can be used.


For greater challenge, perform exercise without assistance of wall. A spotter may assist initially and progressively offer less assistance over time.

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