Angled Side Bridge Hip Abduction

Angled Side Bridge Hip Abduction


Utility: Auxiliary
Mechanics: Isolated
Force: Push



Grasp vertical bar with one hand and turn to side. Position feet out away from vertical bar with arm supporting body extended out to side. Legs should be straight and positioned side by side. Supporting arm should be approximately vertical to body and other arm can be placed on hips. Lower hips downward to floor until slight stretch is felt.


Keeping foot closest to bar on ground, raise hips upward and away from bar while raising leg furthest from bar upward away from lower leg. Return to original position with hips sagging downward and repeat. Continue with opposite leg.


Keep feet pointed forward. See ROM Criteria and Spot Reduction Myth.


Movement can be made easier by performing movement on higher bar.


Exercise can be made more challenging by performing movement on lower bar. Exercise is hardest when performed off of floor.

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