Cable Upright Shoulder External Rotation

Cable Upright Shoulder External Rotation


Utility: Auxiliary
Mechanics: Isolated
Force: Pull



Stand facing low to medium height cable pulley. Grasp stirrup attachment and position bent elbow shoulder height out to side with forearm in line with cable.


Pull stirrup up and back as far as possible. Return by lowering stirrup to original position. Repeat. Continue with opposite arm.


Wrist may be kept straighter throughout movement than what is shown. Also, keep elbow at shoulder height and bent at right angle. Height of cable pulley is dependent upon:

Individual range of motion

  • Desired emphasis of resistance near specific range of motion.
    • Greatest relative resistance is at range of motion where cable is perpendicular to forearm.
      • Low pulley is hardest at beginning.
      • Pulley at height of elbow is hardest at end.
    • See Force Vectors.
    • See side view.
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