Lever Squat (plate loaded)

Lever Squat (plate loaded)


Utility: Basic
Mechanics: Compound
Force: Push



Squat down to place shoulders under padded lever. Place feet shoulder width apart directly under shoulders. Extend knees and hips until legs are straight. Release support lever.


Lower lever by bending hips back while allowing knees to bend forward, keeping back straight and knees pointed same direction as feet. Descend until thighs are just past parallel to floor. Lift lever up by extending knees and hips until legs are straight. Repeat.


If available, re-engage support lever in extended position before dismounting. Keep head facing forward, back straight and feet flat on floor; equal distribution of weight through forefoot and heel. Knees should point same direction as feet throughout movement. See Squat Analysis. Also see exercise performed on classic Lever Squat machine.

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