Suspended Rollout

Suspended Rollout


Utility: Auxiliary
Mechanics: Isolated
Force: Push



Kneel on floor or mat and grasp suspension trainer handles. Position body upright with subtle bend through hip. Also, straighten arms in front of body with slight bend.


Lean body forward while maintaining small bend in hip. Allow arms to bend forward to sides of head. Bend over as far as possible. Raise body back up by pulling arms back until kneeling upright in original position. Repeat.


Try to keep elbows nearly straight throughout exercise. Also known as Suspended Kneeling Rollout.

Target muscle, Rectus Abdominis practically contracts isometrically since only a small degree of waist flexion occurs under resistance and, with the assistance of the External Oblique, act to stabilize spine. See target muscle of rollout question. Also see Spot Reduction Myth and Lower Ab Myth.


Movement can be made easier by kneeling closer under anchor of suspension trainer. Movement can also be made slightly easier by performing exercise with slightly higher suspension handles. Bending elbow more or descending only part way down is easier and can be performed this ways to progress into exercise.


Movement can be made more challenging by kneeling further behind, away horizontally from anchor of suspension trainer. Exercise can be made slightly more challenging by performing movement with lower suspension handles. Make sure to roll out until shoulder is fully extended through full range of motion with arm straight.

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