Band Resistive Neck Retraction

Band Resistive Neck Retraction


Utility: Auxiliary
Mechanics: Isolated
Force: Pull


Stand with back of neck against exercise band strapped accross rack. Position both arms behind bands to each side. Hold horizontal bar above if within reach.

Push back of neck into band by retracting head. Returning head to neutral postion and repeat.


This exercise may be prescribed for functional forward head posture since it strengthens Splenius without neck flexion. Neck retraction primarily consists of Cervical Flexion (spine) accompanied by subtle Thoracic Flexion (spine) and Neck Flexion (atlanto-occipital joint). Cervical spine has natural lordotic curvature (see diagram of spine). Much of the retraction motion is actually flattening or slight reversing the normal lordosis. The deep neck flexors perform majority of movement. Slight neck Flexion at the atlanto-occipital joint also occurs to maintain forward head positioning.

See video with close up view. Also see similar exercise Neck Retraction Stretch.

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