Wall Front Neck Bridge

Wall Front Neck Bridge


Utility: Basic or Auxiliary
Mechanics: Isolated
Force: Push & Pull



Place small or folded cushioned mat on wall or column approximately chest height. With hands supporting mat on each side stand back so feet are away from wall or column with body leaning forward. Place top of forehead on mat. Fold hands behind low back or hips.


Roll down onto forehead until nose touches mat. Roll up onto top of head until chin touches upper chest. Repeat.


Keep body somewhat straight bending spine and hips slightly as head rolls down. Exercise involves neck flexors as well as neck extensors. See controversial exercises.


Begin with feet slightly closer to wall or column, so neck structures have an opportunity to adapt. Standard neck exercises with light weights can also be less intense.


Exercise is more challenging when feet are positioned further from column or wall. Movement is much more difficult when performed on floor.

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