Suspended Neck Flexion

Suspended Neck Flexion


Utility: Basic or Auxiliary
Mechanics: Isolated
Force: Pull



Place belt or strap around end of suspension trainer. Face away from suspension trainer with belt in hand. Place belt around head above ears and clamp belt snugly around head by tightly gripping ends close to back of mid-head. Step forward until suspension trainer is taut. Lean forward at angle against support of belt and suspension trainer by stepping back slightly while keeping head and body straight.


Increase angle of body by bowing head until chin touches upper chest. Lower angle of body by raising head. Repeat.


This exercise can be performed with belt looped on TRXⓇ style suspension trainer or adjustable length gymnastics rings. Throughout movement, keep body straight and maintain tight grip on belt against back of mid-head throughout movement. Use neck to pull belt rather than allowing hand to assist. Clamping belt higher up further from base of skull will permit torque throughout fuller range of motion, particularly range of motion nearer full flexion.

Woven cotton or cloth belts tend to slip less, particularly on bald head. If belt slips from head, place small towel between belt and head. Belts not made specifically for weight training may cause injury if they fail under load in which they were not designed.


Begin with upright position at top position so neck structures have an opportunity to adapt. Standard neck exercises with light weights can also be less intense.


Exercise is more challenging when body is angled further forward.

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