Lever Triceps Extension (no seat, plate loaded)

Lever Triceps Extension (no seat, plate loaded)


Utility: Basic or Auxiliary
Mechanics: Isolated
Force: Push



Stand behind arm pad facing lever handles. Place one foot forward under arm pad and opposite foot back on foot bar. Grasp handles with narrow overhand grip. Squat down and position chest up against side of pad and back of upper arms on upper angled padded surface.


Push lever down until arms are fully extended. Return and repeat.


In effort to achieve fuller range of motion, head can be positioned down so handles can clear over head. With heavy resistance, back pad will need to be adjusted to keep torso close to arm pad. Position armpit to rest near top of pad. Back of upper arm should remain on pad throughout movement.

Notice that this machine has secondary lever, so elbows are not aligned with primary fulcrum. The particular machine shown doubles as Preacher Curl Machine by placing weight on opposite side of fulcrum. Also see Lever Triceps Extension on alternative apparatus.

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