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Creatine drama on Facebook

Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2013 11:07 pm
by stuward
Sol Orwell via
The best damn page on Creatine. If someone can find a more in-depth page, I'll eat a hat.

Or even Mark Young's shoe - that's how confident I am!
Creatine - In-Depth Scientific Supplement Information
Creatine is a stored form of energy (known as ATP) released quicker than glucose, helping cells function under high intensity conditions. It is a heavily-researched supplement, and has not been found to have any negative side effects. Supported with 461 references.
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Kenneth Yim questionable pov? DH Kiefer ... on-part-3/" onclick=";return false;
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Sol Orwell What part(s)?
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Kenneth Yim In Pounds: Bodyweight * 0.15 = grams of creatine monohydrate to ingest
In Kilograms: Body mass * 0.3 = grams of creatine monohydrate to ingest
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DH Kiefer What's the "questionable POV"? Too nebulous for me to know how to respond...
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Kenneth Yim for example i am 160lbs @ 5-6% bodyfat. DH Kiefer Dangerously Hardcore recommendation 24g vs Sol Orwell 3-10g daily .. which POV is right?
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Sol Orwell Do you need 24g? No - once you hit saturation you can keep a much lower dosage. Will 24g hurt you? Nope.
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Aidan Goggins 24g/day are you f*in kidding me, that's ludricous
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Aidan Goggins Oops, unless it's loading (jumped the gun)? I presume so, then who cares, 3 grams, 10 grams, 24 grams, give it a month or so it will all be saturated at steady state
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DH Kiefer It's not a POV issue, it's a matter of the research. What misses is that although intracellular free creatine levels "might" be maintained with 2 to 3 grams per day, research has shown this not to be consistent and most definitely not to maintain increased phosphocreatine levels, which give the performance boost (although having more free creatine can increase recovery rates without a boost in anaerobic performance). The problem is that absolutely no research exists to answer the question. So, I made reasonable assumptions based on the best evidence available. My calculations of the minimum dosage needed to maintain supraphysiological values of intracellular free creatine and phosphocreatine are "back of the envelope" but the best anyone could do at the moment. The 2g/day to maintain supraphysiological values should, to anyone who knows the human body, sound suspect since the average person burns about 2 grams per day. If you train, there's a good chance it will be higher...suddenly we have a fallacy. (I also didn't like this article because they basically copied and pasted 5 wikipedia articles without adding any insight into the research.)
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Aidan Goggins we make one gram from the liver, and ingest about one gram in food (red meat eaters) - so 2 grams intake - and supplementation is on top of this,
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Sol Orwell Incorrect. We copied at *least* 7 Wikipedia articles (then the numbers got too high and I lost count).

But if you can find me two lines we copy-pasted, I'll eat a hat on that condition too.
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Kenneth Yim I been dosing a 24 g daily for just one week.. will report back in after a good month" onclick=";return false;
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DH Kiefer No, kudos on the rewrite for sure...
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Kurtis Frank Kiefer, may I ask from which data you derived that you need 0.4g per pound of lean mass? It appears to be integral to your recommendations, but you did not cite the study you got this from at all nor is citation 51 on creatine part 3 anywhere close to these recommendations.

The factor of 0.95, is this bioavailability or pharmacokinetic distribution? You mentioned it was the 'creatine absorbed by the rest of the body' but I cannot see where you state that 95% of an oral dose is partitioned to skeletal muscle only.

I appreciate calculations independent of the research, but the formula of [0.4g*(mass)]0.95+2 you stated doesn't appear to be validated at all and there is insufficient evidence on your blog pages to support this formula.
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Sol Orwell An accusation of plagiarism is a serious charge. You can call us stupid, dumb, whatever - I don't care. But if you dare accuse us of being dishonest, you better have proof for that claim.
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Marc David Maintenance dose is your body weight in kilograms multiplied by 0.03 (" onclick=";return false;) There is research to show these cycling protocols appear to be effective in increasing and maintaining muscle creatine content before a drop to baseline values, which occurs at about 4–6 weeks. I'd need 2.72g of Creatine per day on a maintenance dosage. //I took my "facts" from the ISSN article listed above and from the guide written by Dr. Franco-Obregón.
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Vic Veeraj Goyaram Well I hope you are really hungry
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Tony Archer 24 grams of creatine sounds like a guaranteed visit to the restroom.
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